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Posted on: Sep 24th 2012, 12:12PM

 The watch faces may be gone, but the new iPod nano regains the ability to play video while retaining photo display and Nike+ integration. It has become the equivalent of the lineup's feature phone, albeit with a better user interface. Examined in context, the new clip-free iPod nano looks more at home as a midrange option between the tiny iPod shuffle and the now larger iPod touch.

Indeed, at $150, the new iPod nano might have been a tougher sell had the significantly updated and slimmed down seventh-generation iPod touch stayed at $199. However, for those who want the state of Apple's art, there is now a wide pricing swath between the two multitouch-enabled iPods, with the new iPod touch commanding $299, twice the price of the nano (with the 64 GB version priced at $399).Among iPods then, this leaves Apple with the still unique and capablefourth-generation iPod touch at $199 point, once deemed by the company as a key price point worth pursuing and perhaps even holding back features for. But while the new iPod touch's price puts it in the running against $300 holiday gift competitors like the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" tablet and the Nintendo Wii U, it will be the first time that the iPod touch has cost more than a subsidized iPhone on major U.S. carriers. While the new iPod touch continues its tradition of being thinner than its contemporary iPhone cousin and has a bigger display and better camera than the fourth-generation model, it is bested in many other respects by the iPhone 5, which of course has much higher hardware costs than are reflected in the subsidized price.

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